The traditional companion for red meat is, of course, red wine – so this is where we’ll start.

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Wagyu beef has a high fat content so any red wine selected has to be juicy and robust. The wine has to be bold enough to cut across the fats but not so strong as to leave a bitter note.

Nebbiolo grapes from the Piedmont region produce the perfect red wines for Wagyu. They grow in the northwestern regions of Italy, and make wonderful wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Their characteristics are distinctive, robust tannins, plenty of acidity, and a rich distinctive scent.

Nebbiolo carries its heritage even in the name, with the foothills of the mountainous Piedmont region famous for its fog (known as “nebbia”), which provide a soft, cool, refreshing blanket for the vines nestling on south facing slopes in the early morning sunrise.

Barolo is the most famous wine from the area, with black fruit and cherry characteristics. Known as one of the world’s greatest red wine, it is sure to provide the perfect companion for Wagyu beef.

Barbaresco is another great candidate. Despite being closely linked with Barolo due to its origins in the Nebbiolo grape, and being produced less than ten miles apart, grapes grown in the Barbaresco zone ripen earlier than Barolo. They are also produced in far smaller batches, due to the vineyards being more compact in size. Barbaresco tends to have more of a cherry or even rose bouquet, with hints of violet and licorice.

Another highly recommended accompaniment is Cabernet Franc, with aromas of raspberry and a velvety elegance. It makes a slightly lighter alternative to the bolder Nebbiolo wines for those who prefer a more delicate bouquet.

We generally avoid recommending Cabernet Sauvignon unless it is in the form of a balanced Bordeaux.

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Not everyone partakes in alcohol – in this case, the best recommendation possible would be fresh, cool spring water served in a tall glass. A small twist of lemon and crushed ice helps to keep the palate cleansed while keeping the way clear for the aromas to flourish. The water should remain well chilled and replaced if it starts to warm.


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