Kata Sankaku(Shoulder Clod) A5 Wagyu Halal Tokushima

RM 68.00

Kata Sankaku (Shoulder Clod) A5 Tokushima 

Tender : ★★★☆ 
Fat : ★★☆ 

Kata Sankaku (triangular strangle) 三角絞

A strangle. Facing your opponent, wrap your right leg over his left shoulder and your left leg under his right armpit, catching your right foot under the back of your own left knee in a triangular leg formation, and from this position squeeze his neck to strangle him.

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✅ Our Wagyu meat is the best for marbling, fat and meat colour, structure and taste!
✅ Certified Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu Meat
✅ 100% Full Blood A5 Japanese Wagyu Meat
✅ Ready Supply
✅ Come in Clean and Bacteria Free Vacuum Frozen Pack

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