Platter Yakiniku B (5 kind A5 wagyu platter ±250gram/pack)

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5 kind A5 wagyu platter ±250gram/pack


1)Bara (short plate)  バラ 【腹肋肉】                                                

TENDER ★★★ FAT∶★★★★                                          

So-called three-piece meat with layers of lean meat and fat. Both are characterized by their rich flavor and are suitable for grilled meat, beef bowl, sukiyaki, and stewed dishes.

2)  Ude (shoulder Clod) ウデ 【肩肉】   

TENDER ★★ FAT∶★                                                                                             

The meat of the arm that covers the shoulder loin. Since it is a part that moves well, it has well-developed muscles and a lot of lean meat, and it is a little hard depending on the location, and it is characterized by abundant extracts, collagen, and umami, and a rich taste of meat.                    


3)Momo (Round) もも 【桃子肉】 

TENDER ★★ FAT∶★                                              

It is a large piece of red meat and the least fat part of beef.                                         

It is recommended for those who are not good at fat. 

It is recommended to cut into thin slices, hard and soft  


4)Shin Shin (knuckle)しんしん[和尚头心]                                                       

TENDER ★★★ FAT∶★★★                                              

This is also a subdivision of the Shintama in "MOMO", which is the inner part of the thigh above the knee.                                        

The meat is striated, thin, soft, juicy, and very little fat with smooth texture. You can enjoy the refreshing taste of lean meat.


5)Katarosu (Chuck Roll)かたロース [鞍下]                                      

TENDER ★★★★ FAT ★★★                                                   

Katarosu refers to the meat from the wagyu's head to the middle which is also called the "scapula".                                      

This frosted red meat with plenty of fat will make you enjoy the rich taste of the wagyu.   

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