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Marinated Bara Bulgogi A5 Wagyu Halal Yakiniku-Cut 300gm

RM 99.00

Marinated Bara Bulgogi A5 Wagyu Halal Japan Yakiniku-Cut ±300g/pack

Tender : ★★★☆ 
Fat : ★★★☆ 

BARA バラ 【腹肋肉】                                                


So-called three-piece meat with layers of lean meat and fat. Both are characterized by their rich flavor      and are suitable for grilled meat, beef bowl, sukiyaki, and stewed dishes.                         

Why Buy From Us?
✅ Our Wagyu meat is the best for marbling, fat and meat colour, structure and taste!
✅ Certified Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu Meat
✅ 100% Full Blood A5 Japanese Wagyu Meat
✅ Ready Supply
✅ Come in Clean and Bacteria Free Vacuum Frozen Pack

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