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Disposable BBQ Grill (150 min) (Easy Grill c/w Easy Burn Charcoal)

RM 35.00

One time use disposable BBQ Grill (150min)
- Charcoal Outdoor BBQ
- Easy to set up ready to cook in 15 minutes.

Product Description :

- 32 X 16 (CM) 
- Aluminum foil bakeware
- 700g carbon
- Metal net and stand

1. Please read the instructions on the box carefully before use
2. After ignition, please wait for 15- 20 minutes and start grilling.
3. Always keep children & pets away from the BBQ
4. Do not attempt to move the barbecue or touch any hot parts of the BBQ when barbecuing.
5. Do not pour liquid lighting aids onto the charcoal when barbecuing
6. Please use water, sand, or soil to extinguish the barbecue, and discard it when it cools down completely
7. Store Method: Store away from the fire, do not squeeze

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