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Japanese Wagyu A5 Fat/Oil 200gm (Premium Fat)

RM 10.00

A5 Wagyu Fat 200gm/pkt


Grade: A5

Beef Marbling Score: 10-12

Cut : Fat Trimmingr热额4二we424

Prefecture : Nishiawa Beef Tokushima

Wagyu fat has a low melting point, so chop it up quickly after you take it out of the refrigerator and put it in the frying pan. The portions are only as much玩6服务22221广告广告广告g2533额22额我22332002平2录取33流浪者自2问我23 as you want to make. Add enough water to make the chopped beef fat runny, cover with a lid, and slowly extract the fat over low heat.

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