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Katarosu (A5 Wagyu Halal)Slice 175gm + Katabara A5 Wagyu Halal Slice 175 gm

RM 99.00

Katarosu A5 Wagyu Halal Slice 175gm + Katabara A5 Wagyu Halal Slice 175 gm


Katarosu かたロース [鞍下]                                      

TENDET∶ ★★★★ FAT∶ ★★★                                         

Katarosu refers to the meat from the wagyu's head to                                                                                        the middle which is also called the "scapula".                                                                                                  This frosted red meat with plenty of fat will make                                                                                              you enjoy the rich taste of the wagyu.   

 KATABARA (Brisket) (肩バラ / katabara) 

 a cut from the breast or lower chest part.  Appearance: layers of lean meat and fat, a rather tough cut. meat might be of similar quality, but the Wagyu brisket will have a much greater abundance of marbling and a better quality of intramuscular fat, which adds to its flavor and texture 


Why Buy From Us?
✅ Our Wagyu meat is the best for marbling, fat and meat colour, structure and taste!
✅ Certified Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu Meat
✅ 100% Full Blood A5 Japanese Wagyu Meat
✅ Ready Supply
✅ Come in Clean and Bacteria Free Vacuum Frozen Pack

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