A5 Premium Tokujo karubi yakiniku ±200gm/pack

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A5 Premium Tokujo karubi yakiniku ±200gm/pack

Tender : ★★★★☆
Fat : 

This cut of meat is taken from the half of the outer ribs that's closer to the upper foreleg. Some yakiniku restaurants may separate the cuts by naming them as karubi (short rib), kjo karubi (special short rib), and tokujyo karubi (premium short rib). This occurs because there isn't a standard way to separate them. For this reason, the way a restaurant serves this shows off their skill and character. This cut is rich in flavor and is characterized by a slight sweetness.

Recommended Cooking & Eating Methods

Medium, with caramelized fat, is the way to go for this cut. Its strong flavor will go well with a thick, sweet sauce.

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