9.9 Yakiniku Combo Set

RM 423.60

- 7 kind Japan A5 wagyu Yakinikuplatter 350gram

1)Bara (short plate)                         5)Katarosu (Chuck Roll)

2)Ude (shoulder Clod)                    6)Togarashi (Chuck Tender)

3)Momo (Round)                             7)Karubi (Short Plate)

4)Shin Shin (knuckle)

- A5 Sirloin Wagyu Yakiniku 100gm

Sirloin サーロイン [纽约客]      

TENDER∶ ★★★★★ FAT∶★★★★★                                           

It is the most advanced part of beef. The meat it is very soft and delicate, the fat distribution is fine,covered with beautiful marble lines, the degree of frost is very obvious, and it melts in the mouth.                                                

After roasting, the fat is perfectly blended with the sweet beef. It is delicious and juicy. It is a high-end product in roasted meat.  

- Frozen A5 Waichi Wagyu Skewer x4 (45gram/stick)

100% Authentic Waichi Wagyu Skewer from Tokushima,Japan.

Our skewers are available for purchase frozen, allowing you to conveniently cook and savor the extraordinary flavors in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Flavor: The tantalizing Teriyaki Sauce enhancing the natural richness of the wagyu.😋

- Japanese Wagyu A5 Fat/Oil 100gm (Premium Fat)

Origin: Japan

Grade: A5

Beef Marbling Score: 10-12

Cut : Fat Trimming

Perfecture: Nishiawa Beef Tokushima 

Wagyu fat has a low melting point, so chop it up quickly after you take it out of the refrigerator and put it in the frying pan. The portions are only as much as you want to make. Add enough water to make the chopped beef fat runny, cover with a lid, and slowly extract the fat over low heat.

Why Buy From Us?

✅ Our Wagyu meat is the best for marbling, fat and meat colour, structure and taste!

✅ Certified Halal Japanese A5 Wagyu Meat

✅ 100% Full Blood A5 Japanese Wagyu Meat

✅ Ready Supply

✅ Come in Clean and Bacteria Free Vacuum Frozen Pack

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